Our Vision

Our Vision is to generate extraordinary returns for Eclipse shareholders by making a world-class gold discovery where all stakeholders prosper.

Our Purpose

With this end game in mind, our Purpose is to explore and develop the Hercules Property in Nevada, employing unmatched talent with proven funding strength and monetization success. Our approach is to maximize our risk/reward threshold by fast-tracking a major gold discovery and delivering a wealth-generating liquidity event for all stakeholders.

Our Objective

In 2017, the Eclipse team acquired the Sterling Mine in Nevada for US$10M. A year later, we sold it for $90M. We believe Hercules can be an even bigger success. That’s why our primary Objective is to eclipse our previous success at the Sterling Mine by making a much larger discovery, and a much larger win for our shareholders, at the Hercules Project.

Our Strategy

Begin with the End Game in Mind


Be selective.

Acquire projects that are developable and provide Eclipse with optionality.


Explore it. Drill it.

Articulate the upside to the market and put a backstop of value into the Company.


Create liquidity for shareholders through growth or a liquidity event.

Time and Success

We base our Strategy upon the insight that time and sporadic funding represent the Achilles heel of mineral exploration. Fund it properly, focus on one project, vet it quickly.

Maverick Thinking

Contrary to industry belief, we know that great discoveries can still be made in Nevada. A systematic, dogged and thorough approach can yield extraordinary opportunities.

Look with Fresh Eyes

Our edge is looking with fresh eyes to see what others have missed. Then we de-risk our search by adhering to strict criteria that include:

Oxide gold

projects, primarily in Nevada


large enough to be significant to a mid-tier or major gold producer


technical risk through geology, metallurgy, location, infrastructure


with no major obstacles

Our Values

Our values influence all Eclipse’s decisions. They govern our internal and external behavior, establishing a code that shapes our culture, identity and principles.


Provide an exceptional shareholder experience by being transparent and honest, fostering a culture of trust and reliability.


Respect our shareholders and work for their prosperity. Remember that we are all owners and partners of this business—we are working towards a shared vision.

Quality and Leadership

We will operate under exceptionally high professional standards, above industry norms. We provide investors with quality assurance, engagement and confidence.


Foster a culture of support, teamwork and respect, both internally and externally.


We align our deep experience with vitality to fuel our commitment to discovery.

The Eclipse Story

The Story of Eclipse Gold and the Hercules Project

I’m often asked, "What is Eclipse’s value proposition? What’s your plan for success? What excites you most about this opportunity?" Here’s what I say:

One Focus. One Premise.

Our entire focus is on just one asset: the Hercules gold property. There are at least four large, surface gold targets in place at Hercules. Our key premise is that these targets are linked at depth to create one giant system similar to the nearby Comstock lode, perhaps the greatest mineral discovery in U.S. history.

Our Objective? A Major Discovery at Hercules.

We have the talent, resources and funding strength to determine, in a relatively short amount of time, if our premise is correct. If so, we may have a massive gold system that would be of significant value in the market. This is our objective for Eclipse’s shareholders.

Get it Right, and You Prosper.

Exploration and discovery are where fortunes are made. When you get things right in this business, you can make people a tremendous amount of money.

Seeing What Others Have Missed.

How were we able to acquire this extraordinary property in one of the most heavily explored regions of the U.S., and perhaps the world’s best mining jurisdiction?

Luck was a factor, as always in mining. But it also resulted from a rigorous, investigative process that allowed us to see what others had missed. Every time we go back, every time we sample, we see the potential of a massive-scale gold system. It keeps surprising us. I believe bigger surprises are in store as we begin our next phase of exploration.

Luck can be manufactured with hard work and taking advantage of select opportunities.

I invite you to join us in this rare opportunity and alignment of assets.

Michael G. Allen, President, CEO and Director